Time Running Out For MP To Speak Up

Five years ago David Gauke spoke out about how inappropriate and damaging the proposed South Berkhamsted Concept development would be. Not only did the MP for South West Hertfordshire make it clear in letters to constituents (see below) but he also appeared on DeeTv with a thoughtful, well reasoned and coherent message.

(Full DeeTV article can be found here: http://www.deetv.tv/in-your-area/berkhamsted/#south-berkhamsted-concept)

So what has changed in five years?

In terms of infrastructure – NOTHING.

In terms of development – LOTS.

While Hemel Hemsptead has fallen 21% below the Core Strategy target, building in Berkhamsted has progressed at a rate 34% above the housing numbers set out in the current plan. All this with no improvement of infrastructure

Now Dacorum Borough Council are proposing far more development (up to 2,850 new homes in Berkhamsted). Logically David Gauke’s views from 2011 hold good and he still agrees with BRAG that more outward development of Berkhamsted into Green Belt is totally unsustainable. However, thus far he has been silent on the subject, other than quoting Government policy, and BRAG cannot find anything on his website about a topic that threatens to destroy towns that he represents.

Please David, you have until 13th December to lend support to your constituents.



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