The plans

The revised South Berkhamsted Concept promotes a development of 800 dwellings (down from the original 1000) predominantly wedged between Upper Hall Park and the A41.GUI claim the “Concept is rooted in the identified needs of the town as articulated by local residents”. NO, it is rooted in GUI’s desire to squeeze the best financial return from their remaining 97 acre holding of PRODUCTIVE green belt land in Berkhamsted. Neither the Dacorum Brorough Council nor Berkhamsted Town Council accept that the proposed development best serves the needs of the area.GUI claim a new East/West avenue will ease traffic flow. NO, it will offer an alternative to Hilltop Road as a route from Chesham Road to Swing Gate Lane ONLY, but an increase of 1600+ cars to the area will more than negate any perceived benefit. The reality will be an increase in traffic through Hilltop Road to the High Street. In addition, to avoid inevitable grid-lock congestion on Swing Gate Lane, increased traffic will be forced down all roads off Upper Hall Park. GUI’s proposal for the Swing Gate Lane congestion is to stop residents parking on the street!


GUI claim that new sustainable housing will help negate the extra strain on infrastructure and building such a large development will mean the infrastructure has to be improved. NO, the sustainability claims are misleading. There are no specific quantifiable aims just vague wish lists and the utility companies will not be forced to improve infrastructure on the basis of GUI plans.


The South Berkhamsted Concept is outside the Borough Core Strategy and is opposed by Council, but they do not make the final decision; a Government appointed inspector will. So, WE the residents of Berkhamsted need to make OUR feelings known. GUI will make a submission in NOVEMBER, which will have to include an appendix containing all correspondence generated from their public consultation process.


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