The revised Core Strategy

The revised Core Strategy went before Council Cabinet on April 24th and was ‘rubber stamped’ at full Council on 22nd May. We haven’t had time to analyse the revised Core Strategy in any great detail, but the vast majority of changes appear to be minor or technical. You can look at all the documents at Clearly DBC have rejected GUI’s submission, but of course GUI will get the chance to put the South Berkhamsted Concept before the Inspectorate at the inquiry, which is what we are working towards. Since our last update we have had several meetings with Councillors, who are being very helpful and assisting us to put our case together. Many of you may also have heard of the demise of GUI, but unfortunately that is not the case. It is true that Grand Union Investments Limited went into voluntary liquidation but they had absolutely nothing to do with the people promoting the South Berkhamsted Concept. It seems that ‘our’ GUI is not actually the incorporated company Grand Union Investments Ltd as stated on the SBC website. It is just a name they are using, presumably to make themselves sound local and it is apparently a coincidence that they picked a property development company name that already existed! The truth appears to be that the GUI promoting this development is a partnership between Patron Capital Partners ( and Provincial & City Properties (, with the former owning the land. In particular take a look at the website for Patron Capital Partners ( to see what we are up against. They describe themselves a “leading opportunistic real estate managers” and their Berkhamsted land is described as “Undervalued Assets” in a fund titled “Long Dated UK Land Play”, while their business strategies major around realising asset values with “complete entity exit”. All of which seems to confirm that they have absolutely no interest other than turning a quick profit, regardless of how their actions affect the existing community.

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