BRAG has signed up to the ‘One Voice’ alliance, with the express aim to show that different areas of Dacorum and groups/organisations stand firmly together against the Draft Local Plan.   “We the Chiltern Society, Chiltern Countryside Group, Grove Fields Residents Association (GFRA), Berkhamsted Residents Action Group (BRAG), Kings Langley & District Residents Association (KL&DRA), Berkhamsted Citizens and […]

BRAG response to DBC Local Plan Consultation 2021

Find BRAG’s Full Response HERE If you wish to go through the consultation portal section by section (which really you should) , the full response will hopefully help you formulate your response to each section, though you do not have to respond to every section. However, please do use your own words where you can as your […]

CPRE Herts Publish Preliminary Review of DBC Local Plan

CPRE Herts Facebook page ( ) has a lengthy post that provides very useful guidance as to a) the importance of responding to the Local Plan consultation, b) how people can respond c) what arguments residents may like to use in response to the Plan proposals. CPRE Herts preliminary review of DBC Local Plan consultation […]

Map Of “Growth” Sites For Berkhamsted

  “Growth Sites” automatically clear the first Planning hurdle by having outline planning permission automatically granted.!!!!!! Download your copy of the BCA DLP Map, show your neighbours – get them involved in the consultation at (Map courtesy of Berkhamsted Citizens) Petition The Dacorum Draft Local Plan outlines in excess of 20,000 new homes across Dacorum. We would like to defer the Consultation on the Dacorum Draft Local Plan for two reasons: 1. If approval is given on Wednesday 18 November then the Consultation would run for an 8-week period during lockdown and over Christmas which […]

Dacorum Councillors Further to BRAG’s letter dated 9th November, BRAG would like to thank Councillors for taking time to read our letter and especially those who confirmed such in emails. BRAG would like to take the opportunity to respond to all Dacorum Councillors regarding a few points made in some of those replies. It is […]

Letter To Dacorum Councillors

Dacorum Councillors   Draft Local Plan 2020-2038 Consultation Berkhamsted Residents Action Group (BRAG) has detailed knowledge of Berkhamsted and has been pro- actively involved in the planning strategy for the Town for the last 10 years. We were actively involved and worked alongside the Planning team on the preparation and examination of the 2013 approved […]

Letter To Berkhamsted Councillors On SPEOS Committee

Re: Dacorum Local Plan 2020-2038 Dear Councillors, We are writing to you as a member of the Strategic Planning and Environment OSC in advance of your meeting on 23 September 2020. There are a number of major concerns listed below arising from the draft consultation paper you will be considering under item 6 of your […]

Update To Members

Dear Member, It has been a long time since we have been in touch because there has been nothing to act on – Dacorum haven’t even bothered to properly analyse and respond to the 2017 Options consultation, while they have blatantly ignored any of our responses when formulating the new Draft Local Plan which is […]

CPRE Herts Calendar

CPRE Herts Calendar Featuring “South Berkhamsted” for September   For details on how to get your copy go to:   All the land featured in the calendar are Greenbelt sites currently under threat and it is an excellent initiative to highlight the problem across Herts.

What DBC Planning Really Thinks?!!

James Doe is the Assistant Director for Planning, Development and Regeneration at Dacorum Borough Council.   (Full DeeTV article can be found here: Yes that is correct, you heard right – the man in charge of DBC planning believes that the numbers being proposed in the current consultation are “too much for the town“. At […]

Time Running Out For MP To Speak Up

Five years ago David Gauke spoke out about how inappropriate and damaging the proposed South Berkhamsted Concept development would be. Not only did the MP for South West Hertfordshire make it clear in letters to constituents (see below) but he also appeared on DeeTv with a thoughtful, well reasoned and coherent message. (Full DeeTV article […]

Berkhamsted Under Attack

Sample Text That could Be Sent As E-mail To DBC

For those not wishing to answer questions on DBC’s portal and find the process complicated, BRAG offers sample text that could form the basis of you response highlighting some of the most significant points. Naturally, you should amend and add as you wish and this text is offered simply to help residents formulate their own […]

BRAG’s Full Response to DBC’s Local Plan Issues & Options Consultation

BRAG may make the odd change to its response before deadline (13th December) if it is felt necessary, but to help residents formulate their responses please find below BRAG’s ‘draft’ full response or download in pdf form here: BRAG draft response to Issues Options(27thNov) Question 1            Do you agree with the conclusions reached in the Sustainability […]

Comment On Growth Options

Please remember the Public Meeting at the Civic Centre  tonight (7.30pm) BRAG’s AGM is on Monday 27th November at The Court House (8pm) and BRAG will be publishing its draft response to Dacorum’s New Local Plan Issues & Options Consultation following that meeting. However, in the meantime, I would like to pick up on a […]

Berkhamsted Sites

Download the Berkhamsted sites map and site details here: Or see screen shots below

DBC Cabinet meeting 17th Oct – A Personal Report

On Tuesday night the six councillors who make up the DBC Cabinet duly approved the Local Plan draft consultation documents which will go out for consultation between the 1st November and 13th December. As democratic processes go it was hardly the most uplifting of spectacles. Sure there was a much bigger audience than usual – […]

Say NO to the excessive strain on Berkhamsted’s already creaking infrastructure

GUI (Grand Union Investments) claim that new sustainable housing will help negate the extra strain on infrastructure and building such a large development will mean the infrastructure has to be improved. NO, the sustainability claims are misleading. There are no specific quantifiable aims just vague wish lists and the utility companies will not be forced to […]