About BRAG

Berkhamsted Residents Action Group (BRAG) has been formed by a group of local residents concerned about the threat of over-development around the town of Berkhamsted.

We are concerned about the effects of future developments on the already creaking infrastructure and the threat posed by land owners and predatory developers on the Green Belt that surrounds our Historic Market Town.

Government Policy is now enshrined in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). Dacorum Borough Council have produced their Core Strategy, a plan for the growth of the Borough for the period to 2031. This was examined in public in October 2012, and subject to amendments to be agreed with the Inspector should be approved in Spring 2013.

In the meantime landowners and developers have queued up to cash in by pushing for the conversion of Green Belt land to building land.

The specific threat posed to our town is the South Berkhamsted Concept being promoted by Grand Union Investments (GUI) on their 97 acre Green Belt holding situated predominantly between the Hall Park area and the A41.

This is the biggest threat Berkamsted faces, not just for present residents but also for future generations.

GUI are arguing that “Berkhamsted cannot be defined in the same category as Tring” but should actually be considered as “complementary to the future role of Hemel Hempstead”.  This would allow easier facilitation of their request for “alteration to the Green Belt boundaries”.

But, change the Green Belt boundaries to allow building on GUI’s site today – then tomorrow it will be the land adjoining that, and then the land adjoining that, and then  ………… PURE UNADULTERATED URBAN SPRAWL.

It is our aim to represent the concerned residents of Berkhamsted in demonstrating  what is special about the town and how it would be damaged by overdevelopment and to help both Berkhamsted Town Council and Dacorum Borough Council repel GUI’s unwanted and unnecessary South Berkhamsted Concept.

Chairman: Antony Harbidge

Teasurer & Membership Secretary: Peter Brown

Secretary: Hugh Siegle

Committee Members: Helen Kington,  Sarah Lightfoot, Duncan Brown, John Goffey, Lise-lotte Hansen